IT Hardware Procurement

Tech Equipment That Aligns With Your Business Strategy and Goals

Procuring your IT hardware piecemeal can cost you more than a planned bulk buy. With a detailed IT hardware procurement policy in place, you can get better value for money. At the same time, you can ensure that your business is purchasing the best IT assets for your needs.

With Ava Tech as your IT equipment procurement partner, you can focus on your business whilst we build up your technology infrastructure optimally and reliably—using a holistic approach.

With reputed partners and suppliers around the globe, we can ensure quick delivery of equipment crucial to your operations.

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AVA Tech staff in a meeting, discussing IT Hardware Procurement

Why Choose Us For Your IT Equipment Procurement?

At Ava Tech, we understand how important the right equipment is for your business. And, with over ten years of procurement under our belts, we have become experts at it. Here’s why we are the right choice for your business:

Value for Money

If you decide to use our services for procuring your hardware, it needs to be worthwhile for you. If you could get the same results without having to pay us, outsourcing your IT hardware procurement would be a waste of money.

That’s why we start with a complete review of your business and procurement strategy. If we cannot help you save money on hardware procurement, we’ll walk away. Why fix what’s not broken?

However, if we can optimise your hardware purchase spending, we’ll show you exactly how that can happen.

Read more on our IT procurement services.

Flexible Service

Your business is unique. What you need is not necessarily the same as your competitors. We understand that; which is why we promise the personal touch. You will never get a one-size-fits-all strategy. Our solutions will be tailored to your operations to maximise your productivity.

And, our flexibility doesn’t just extend to your hardware. We are also happy to accommodate bespoke requirements for your team. The equipment requirements of a new recruit in sales are different from the new member in the accounts department.

You will get exactly what you need to run your business optimally.

Unified Billing

Instead of managing multiple receipts and invoices across various sellers and dealers, your accounts department only needs to deal with one invoice—ours. We will handle all your subscriptions and licences, making things that much easier for you.


Your hardware requirements will grow as your business grows. Instead of stopping to worry about hardware procurement at crucial junctures, let us handle all of it. You can focus on your business whilst we ensure that your team has all the IT tools to get their job done.

Quick Delivery

As industry veterans, we have built relationships with a vast network of suppliers and partners. With our distributors located around the world, we are able to deliver your IT hardware anywhere you want. And, we will do so as quickly as possible.

We are also strategic planners, so we’ll plan deliveries to get you the best product at the best price at the best time. To make purchasing easier for you, we offer the option of billing in the local currency or in British Pounds.


If we can’t help you save money on your computer procurement, we won’t ask for your business. We don’t promise the lowest price, but you can rest assured that your IT hardware will come at a competitive price.

After all, the right equipment will help you run your business more efficiently. That, in turn, will streamline your profit generation.

Are you thinking of upgrading your IT infrastructure but don’t know where to start?

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Acquiring the Right Tools

Your IT hardware procurement is much more than buying computers. It’s not “just a computer”; it’s an important part of your business operations. You can’t just buy anything and hope it will do the job.

What’s more, your IT hardware isn’t just computers either. You may also need to consider peripherals, printers, routers, and computer components. That is not even counting mobile devices, network cables, telephony systems, and other related items.

Finally, your hardware procurement plan needs to consider how to scale up as your business grows. Does each new team member require the same equipment or do they need customised hardware?

With all these factors to consider, IT hardware procurement can be an intensive exercise. We have the experience and the expertise to make it much, much easier for you.

Our IT Hardware Suppliers & Partners

We partner with technology suppliers who are associated with quality. As a result, you never have to worry about the longevity and integrity of your IT equipment.

(The only Cisco-approved shared support specialist)

Is your IT equipment procurement strategy the most efficient it could be?

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Your IT Equipment Procurement Checklist

When we assess your hardware requirements, we keep these important considerations in mind:

Does the solution meet your business strategy and operational needs without adding to your costs?

Does it include the needs of all your teams and does it help each member fulfil their tasks?

Does it take into account the varied software requirements of all team members?

Does it help your business save money, either directly through the price of procurement or indirectly by making your organisation more efficient?

Your IT Hardware Procurement Considerations

  1. Are the hardware solutions long-term ones or will you need to upgrade in a few years?
  2. Can the solutions be scaled up easily as your business grows?
  3. Does the infrastructure come with adequate support?
  4. Do the solutions meet the needs adequately or are they overpowered/underpowered?
  5. Will they fit in with your existing infrastructure or will you need to overhaul everything?
Two AVA Tech staff members discussing IT Hardware Procurement

Challenges in IT Hardware Procurement

There are certain roadblocks that you need to be aware of when planning your business’s IT equipment procurement, such as:

Speed of development

Technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace. You need to be aware of what might become redundant in the near future, in case you start relying on that technology for your business.

Knowledge of hardware

You might know what your business needs but are you familiar enough with hardware technology to know what would work best for you? Are you paying more for a piece of equipment because you think expensive is better, or is it really the best solution for your needs?

Integration know-how

If you have an existing IT infrastructure, does the new hardware easily integrate with it? Or, will you have to deal with hidden costs and issues after you’ve made the purchase?

Cost of maintenance

Is your hardware choice a one-time buy or will you have to constantly upgrade and maintain it? Whilst maintenance costs are not always avoidable, have you factored them into your spending and budget?

IT Hardware You Might Need

When we assess your hardware requirements, we keep these important considerations in mind:

Personal Computers


Mobile Devices




Components (RAM, HDD, etc)

Servers & Server Racks

Fibre-Optic Cables

The Ava Tech Advantage

With Ava Tech, you can make your IT equipment procurement so much easier. We have the expertise to design the perfect solution for you. And, we guarantee that it will cost less than your existing protocol.

You don’t even have to commit. Let us review your hardware procurement strategy and if we can’t offer a more cost-effective solution, we’ll wish you luck and walk away.

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